Surface Pro 3-in-1 VESA mounted dock sneak peek

[At the 2015 Microsoft Build conference, we showed a new approach to docking. Skip ahead to 22:15 in this Win2D lecture to see it in action. And make sure to check out the other cool Graphics talks at //build]

Updated: Click here to watch the video


Why do you need a tablet, a laptop, and a desktop?

The Surface Pro 3-in-1 is the first device that can be all three. With our simple VESA-mounted dock, you can finally use the bright and beautiful Surface Pro 3 screen at eye-level right next to 1 or 2 desktop monitors for productivity. And with our optional lock, you can finally secure the tablet so it doesn’t go walking. Docking is easier than ever because we use the zero-insertion force 40-pin edge connector which breaks out into DisplayPort, power, and USB. So you just drop in your tablet and you’re up and running with a full desktop experience in seconds. No moving parts. No cables to plug in. Simple one step docking.


[photos by Scott Eklund of]


At the Build Conference:


Surface Pro 3-in-1 Hackathon team:

  • Dan Charlton
  • John Socha-Leialoha
  • Tom Coon
  • Govind Ramaswamy


Special thanks to Simon Tao and Alison Stroll for featuring our prototype at the conference. And extra special thanks to the Microsoft Maker garage community.


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10 thoughts on “Surface Pro 3-in-1 VESA mounted dock sneak peek

  1. This is the Surface Dock that I've been waiting for. Since the Pro 1 has been released I imagined this. I've used the official and non-official display link port replicators and have gotten close with some rigging, but nothing is quite right. Allowing the stand to swivel and change height would be an added bonus if someone wanted landscape for whatever reason. There are several monitor stands that already accomplish this.
    Make this a real product and make it more affordable than the official 200 dollar one. Our office has quite a bit of SP3's now and people are opting to get the unofficial port replicators because of the cost and flexibility. Most can have multiple monitors without needing to have a display port 1.2 compatible monitor with daisy chaining.


  2. It's awsome that the Surface Pro 3 can do this, however, it's unfortunate that it's impractical for anyone but Microsoft to do this. I realise there may be warranty reasons, or marketing concerns, but I think it would be fantastic if the 40 pin Surface Pro connector was documented, and preferably made avaliable. I think the possibilities for third party peripherals are pretty amazing. I own a Surface Pro 3 myself, but I would love to be able to tinker with accessories.


  3. Will we be able to use our own vesa stand? I use my surface for digital painting purposes, and if I could attach it to my ergotron arm this thing would guarantee I'd be using surfaces for years to come. I'd really like to see this get released.


  4. @Danchar4 – can you comment on whether/when this dock will be available to the general public? It's a thing of beauty. Thanks.


  5. Want/Need this.
    My Ipad is my book reference viewer.  To replace it, i need to be able to use the surface pro comfortably in the same orientation


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