A Quick Visit to the Microsoft Store

I dropped by the UVillage MS store in Seattle today to check out the new MS Surface Pro. Its a wonderful machine when you feel it in your hands. The smooth edges make a difference. The Alcantara keyboard is nice and smooth too. One aspect that surprised me was that the store didn't have the... Continue Reading →

Charity Auction Surface Battlestation

Because I love the Surface community so much, last month I offered a full ergonomic workstation build for a charity auction. I wasn't sure anyone would be interested, but two people bid multiple times. Thanks to Glenn for the winning bid and allowing me to take a photo of his beautiful hand-built desk and the... Continue Reading →

How to launch Edge -inprivate by default

IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera and almost every other browser lets you start in a private mode by default. Why not Edge? Well there is an app for that. Download Autohotkey and save the below script as Edge-InPrivate.ahk: ; Run MSEdge, sleep 1.5s, press ctrl+shift+p to open inprivate window, sleep 1.5s, close original window Menu, Tray, Icon, %windir%\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\MicrosoftEdge.exe... Continue Reading →

A Surface Family Portrait

Wow, certainly a lot of stuff! Most of it was purchased used, discounted, or acquired as developer freebies/hackathon prizes and are in various states of disrepair. Time to salvage parts for the next set of projects and give stuff away... The Nuclear Family: Surface Pro 4 Surface Pro 3 Surface RT 3-in-1 VESA dock for... Continue Reading →

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