What's the direct URL for a Windows Update driver?

I use all sorts of quirky hacks for GPU driver diagnostics. I found the new Windows 10 ETL log file process cumbersome and the Update Catalog limiting when I just needed to know driver download URLs. In %windir%logsWindowsUpdate there are several ETL log files. To find all the URLs of drivers that have been downloaded, run a regular expression match like “h t t p : / / .* d r i v e r.*. c a b” against those files. Then remove the spaces from the strings to reveal the exact URLs used to download and install drivers.   Here is a more involved hack that cleans up the local Windows Update cache, removes drivers for a particular device, and forces the latest available Windows Update driver to be installed. Flush local Windows Update cache (use admin cmd prompt and backup first!): net stop wuauserv del /s /q %windir%SoftwareDistribution*.* del /s /q %windir%LogsWindows Update*.etl Uninstall current device driver(s): Start – device manager Open Display adapters Right-click on the device –

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