Surface Pro 2017, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and docking station power supplies

Many folks on Reddit and were interested the various power supply options for 2015 and later Surface products. Here is a list of frequently asked questions followed by power supply specs and product links.


Which power supplies are compatible with which devices?

  • Power supplies intended for Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro (2017), Surface Book, Surface Book with performance base, and Surface Laptop are all interchangeable.

What voltages work? 12V? 15V?

  • All devices since Surface Pro 3 accept between 11V -> 15.5V on the charge port and intelligently limit the current drawn and delivered to the battery. Some devices come with 12V power supplies, others come with 15v power supplies. – they are all interchangeable.

Will a bigger power supply damage my device?

  • No, the Surface tablet device intelligently limits the power drawn from the power supply. If a 3rd-party power supply that outputs more than 15.5V is used, then it is possible to damage the Surface device.

Will a bigger power supply charge my device faster?

  • Generally no. Most devices already come close to hitting the battery’s thermal limit when charging so a bigger supply will typically not be effective in accelerating the charge-rate. In some cases when the device is in use and USB accessories are plugged in, you may see an increase in charge speed with a larger power supply since some of the power is directed toward running all the devices rather than charging the battery. Be aware that charging Li-ion batteries faster generally lowers their overall lifespan mainly due to thermal issues.

Will a smaller power supply work with my more powerful device?

  • Yes, but it may charge slowly. If the device is in use, it is likely that the battery will continue to drain even when plugged in or simply remain at steady-state charge.

Can I get a longer cable for my power supply?

  • Yes, you can swap out the mains/wall-plug cable for a longer “figure-8” aka IEC 7 cable like these. Longer cables are not available for the side that plugs into the Surface.

Is 90 watts from the dock power supply enough to power the Surface Book with Performance Base that ships with a 102-watt power supply?

  • Yes the 90-watt supply is sufficient. In some cases when all ports on the dock are in use, or if the SurfaceBook is running advanced graphics applications, the SurfaceBook with Performance Base may charge slower than with the 102-watt supply.

Can I use my Dock without a power supply? Can the Surface tablet power the Dock?

  • No, you need to use the dock’s power brick to use the dock.

Where can I buy an OEM 44-watt or 24-watt power supply?

  • Unfortunately, Microsoft does not make these power supplies readily available except as original equipment that comes with the Surface device. Product links for 3rd-party power supplies are provided below. Different size OEM power supplies such as the 36-watt or 65-watt will work just fine on devices that came with 44-watt or 24-watt power supplies.

Why are Microsoft OEM power supplies expensive?

  • There is certainly a high profit margin on accessories like power supplies. The Microsoft OEM power supplies do have some advanced features not typical in generic designs including the proprietary zero-insertion force SurfConnect connector, output stage filtering optimized for the high refresh rate touch/pen digitizer, and an arc suppression feedback loop to ramp up the current delivery on initial connection. These features help performance and long-term durability and may not be present on 3rd-party designs.

My power supply cable frayed. What gives?

  • Cables don’t last forever. Some customers feel that Surface power supply cables are particularly fragile and end up fraying without much use. Other customers’ power supplies last 4+ years. To ensure a long-lasting power supply cable, do not wrap the cable too tightly around the power brick and don’t kink the cable. When placing the power brick in a backpack or luggage, it is best to place it inside its own bag or sleeve to prevent the cables snagging on anything.
  • Several open-source 3D-printed designs can be used to simplify the process of wrapping the cables around the brick.

I heard about a power supply recall from Microsoft. What is that all about?

My charger or tablet charge port stopped working. What should I do?

  • Inspect the tablet charge port with a magnifying glass to see if any debris is lodged between the pins or if any pins are bent. Flush out the port with compressed air and/or carefully clean with an alcohol wipe. If the tablet still won’t charge, try an alternate power supply. Conversely, you can try using the supposedly broken power supply on another tablet.

Why do I sometimes feel a slight tingling when my device is plugged into AC/mains?

  • This is typically a side effect of the EMI suppression capacitors in 2-prong (Class 2) switching power supply designs that effectively couple the input side of the power supply to the output side. Reversing the AC/mains cable 180 degrees may reduce the effect.
  • To meet UL and IEC 60950 safety regulations  there is a 250 micro-amp leakage current limit so you’re not going to get electrocuted. Rest assured that the Surface OEM supplies meet the regulations but under certain conditions customers may still notice this small leakage current.
  • Switching power supply designs with three prongs (Class 1) typically don’t have this effect, but they tend to be larger and heavier. Do you want a compact/lightweight power brick or a clunky brick?
  • More info on stackexchange.

Which portable battery packs work with Surface devices?

  • Any battery pack that outputs between 11V and 15.5V at 2-5 amps  will work with Surface Pro 3 and later devices. 16V battery packs will likely be safe too. Any higher voltage risk ruining the Surface device. All-in-one models like LiZone work well. But any battery pack with a barrel connector output will work with a Surface-specific adapter cable:
  • Portable battery packs which only output 5V via USB can be made to work with Surface devices using a DC-DC voltage converter, but this approach is generally not recommended due to durability/reliability concerns.


Power supply specs and product links:

102 Watt P/S:

  • 15V@6.33amps + 5V@1.5amps
  • Model: 1798
  • Intended for:
    • Surface Book with Performance Base
    • Other models will work OK but likely will not charge faster
  • MS info link
  • Amazon purchase link


90 Watt Dock P/S:

  • 15V@6amps
  • Model: 1749
  • Intended for:
    • 2nd-gen Surface Dock (brick style for Surface Pro 2017, Surface Pro 3/ Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Laptop)
  • Notes: Genuine OEM part not available from MS store – only available via warranty replacement or via 3rd-parties
  • Amazon purchase link


65 Watt P/S:

  • 15V@4amps+ 5V@1amp
  • Model: 1706
  • Intended for:
    • Surface Book (all models except Performance base which will charge slowly)
    • Other models will work OK
  • MS info link
  • Amazon purchase link

48 Watt Dock P/S:

  • 12V@4amps
  • Model: 1627
  • Intended for:
    • 1st-gen Surface Docking Stations (clamp-style for Surface Pro 3 / Surface Pro 4 / Surface Pro 2017)
  • Notes: Genuine OEM part not available from MS store – only available via warranty replacement or via 3rd-parties
  • Amazon purchase link

44 Watt P/S:

  • 15V@2.58amps + 5V@1amp
  • Model: 1800
  • Intended for:
    • 2017 Surface Pro (all models)
    • 2017 Surface Laptop (all models)
    • Other models will work OK
  • Notes: Genuine OEM part not available from MS store – only available via warranty replacement or via 3rd-parties.
  • Amazon purchase link


36 Watt P/S:

  • 12V@2.58amps + 5V@1amp
  • Model: 1625
  • Intended for:
    • Surface Book (without NVIDIA dGPU)
    • Surface Pro 4 (all models)
    • Surface Pro 3 (all models)
    • Other models will work OK
  • MS info link
  • Amazon purchase link


24 Watt P/S:

  • 15V@1.6amps
  • Model: 1735/1736
  • Intended for:
    • Surface Pro 4 Core m3 model
    • Surface Pro 2017 Core m3 model
    • Surface Laptop Core m3 model
    • Other models will work OK but may charge slowly
  • Notes: Genuine OEM part not available from MS store – only available via warranty replacement or via 3rd-parties
  • Amazon purchase link


This list does not include discontinued power supplies for Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro 1, Surface Pro 2, or Surface 3. Let me know if I missed anything or if you have any further questions about Surface power supplies.


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