Recycle Lumia 635 battery to use as spare for Lumia 950

My Lumia 950 phone is great and with a 3000mAh battery it lasts quite a while. But sometimes I like to carry around a spare battery. Rather than buy a spare, I had some old Lumia 635 batteries (1830mAh) which are a bit smaller and thought they might work in my 950. The electrical contacts... Continue Reading →


Surface Book/Book 2, Surface Pro 3/Pro 4/Pro 2017, Surface Laptop, and docking station power supplies

Many folks on Reddit and were interested the various power supply options for 2015 and later Surface products. Here is a list of frequently asked questions followed by power supply specs and product links.   Which power supplies are compatible with which devices? Power supplies intended for Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro... Continue Reading →

Surface Pro 4 / Pro 3 / Pro 2017 – DIY VESA-mounted docking station v2

Vertical Surface Docks work with the Surface Pro 2017. Check out the latest photos and videos. Don't have a 3D-printer and still want an ergonomic VESA-mount? Order yours at   Part 2- enabling landscape docking    This quick DIY steps through the process to build a VESA-mounted vertical docking station for the Surface Pro using... Continue Reading →

Sneak Preview of SP4 dock

Ready to use your Surface Pro 3 or Surface Pro 4 with the newer brick-shaped MS dock for smooth portrait docking? With this latest prototype no disassembly is required so you can keep your warranty. Its just 6 plastic parts and some nuts and bolts making assembly quick! Download the design files from GitHub:   Full... Continue Reading →

Surface Dock teardown (brick-shaped dock for SP3/SP4/SurfaceBook)

[I'm a Surface Fanatic. I *love* all the Surface devices, accessories, and the rich ecosystem built around this brand. I also love tearing devices apart. So in the spirit of my last teardown series lets do a teardown of the new brick-shaped Surface Dock.] Tools pliers T6 torx screwdriver 1/8" slot screwdriver Disclaimer Opening your... Continue Reading →

Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Pro 2017 – high-dpi multi-monitor optimization regkey for alternate 3:2 aspect ratio resolutions

[Can't decide what Surface docking hardware to buy? Click for a comparison of many popular docking options.] [Setting up a live Surface demo using the scaling tweak and Vertical Surface Docks at the Seattle Maker Faire (EMP Museum/MoPop)] Here is the optimization in action: The Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 2017, and Surface Book have 3:2 aspect... Continue Reading →

3-in-1 Dock – A Microsoft Garage Project for Surface Pro 3

[Updated design works for Surface Pro 2017/Surface Pro 4/Surface Pro 3 and preserves your warranty:   At the //build conference earlier this year, we showed a sneak peek of the 3-in-1 Dock for Surface Pro 3. The response has been so positive to our point of view on multi-monitor/tablet integration that we've decided to release the... Continue Reading →

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