DIY Adjustable Laptop VESA stand with docking station mount

[This quick DIY steps through the process to build a VESA-mounted docking station for a regular laptop.] I got fed up with my HP ProBook 640 G2 laptop sitting in a docking station on my desktop taking up valuable space. My big desktop monitors are raised above the desk surface so why not the laptop?... Continue Reading →


Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Pro 2017 – high-dpi multi-monitor optimization regkey for alternate 3:2 aspect ratio resolutions

[Can't decide what Surface docking hardware to buy? Click for a comparison of many popular docking options.] [Setting up a live Surface demo using the scaling tweak and Vertical Surface Docks at the Seattle Maker Faire (EMP Museum)] The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have 3:2 aspect ratio screens. Certain customers prefer to set the screen to... Continue Reading →

3-in-1 Dock – A Microsoft Garage Project for Surface Pro 3

[Updated design works for Surface Pro 4/Surface Pro 3 and preserves your warranty: ]   At the //build conference earlier this year, we showed a sneak peek of the 3-in-1 Dock for Surface Pro 3. The response has been so positive to our point of view on multi-monitor/tablet integration that we've decided to release the files... Continue Reading →

Surface Pro 3 landscape docking station teardown

[Skip ahead to part 2 for info on the 40-pin connector] Being a Surface fanatic, I wanted to see what was inside the Surface Pro 3 docking station: Tools: #0 Philips screwdriver #00 Philips screwdriver 1/8” flat screwdriver pliers Pentalobe screwdriver (needed for non-destructive method) Dremel or similar cutting tool (needed for destructive method shown)  ... Continue Reading →

What's the direct URL for a Windows Update driver?

I use all sorts of quirky hacks for GPU driver diagnostics. I found the new Windows 10 ETL log file process cumbersome and the Update Catalog limiting when I just needed to know driver download URLs. In %windir%logsWindowsUpdate there are several ETL log files. To find all the URLs of drivers that have been downloaded, run a regular... Continue Reading →

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