A Quick Visit to the Microsoft Store

I dropped by the UVillage MS store in Seattle today to check out the new MS Surface Pro. Its a wonderful machine when you feel it in your hands. The smooth edges make a difference. The Alcantara keyboard is nice and smooth too. One aspect that surprised me was that the store didn’t have the new 4096 sensitivity-level with tilt sensor pens to show off. Well the old SP4 pen works just fine and seemed more responsive with less latency compared to my SP4 screen.

The well-informed sales staff explained all the features to me and allowed me to shoot some photos. I whipped out my SP3, SP4 and a few sample docking stations hot off the laser cutter and stacked them up. A bunch of customers asked what they were. So I dove into my pitch about ergonomics and usability. Good practice for me since I am not a business/sales guy. Really just a nerdy engineer type. Anyway it was quite a fun time.

My key discovery today was that all the ports and buttons are exactly the same spot so all accessories like the the open source VESA Ergonomic docking solutions work right out of the box:

From top to bottom: SP3, SP4, 2017 Surface Pro


Here are some shots of the dxdiags of my SP4 and the store’s brand new Surface Pro. Why? Because I’m a big graphics nerd:

2017 Surface Pro dxdiag


SP4 dxdiag


And here is a shot showing how far down the new Surface tilts back compared to the SP3/SP4. I’m not sure how much I’d use this feature, but I know some folks will like those ten extra degrees of tilt:

Ready, set, tilt!

The sales staff wanted me to pre-order a new Surface Pro, but I declined. I have way too many devices already – anybody want to buy the SP3 (Core-i5/128GB/4GB) I won way back when at the Microsoft Hackathon?


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