Login to Youtube and Gmail with 2 separate accounts simultaneously -nomerge/SessionMerging

I loath ubiquitous targeted advertising whether it is from Bing, Google, or any number of analytics firms that treat you as a number. I like adblockers. I like to modify my hosts file to cut down on page load times. My preferred search engine is DuckDuckGo. I read Slashdot. This puts me in a clear nerdy minority. Though nerdy, I like Internet Explorer. It’s not because I drink the kool-aid at work (I’ve come to realize that Talking Rain isn’t that great) I’ve used FireFox, Opera, Chrome, etc., but I keep coming back to IE.

IE has great integrated dev tools [F12] that allow me to “hack” sites to my heart’s content. Its not a huge memory hog, and it has a great support team that listens to feedback and doesn’t arbitrarily change the UI with fancy round corners just for the hell of it. I use the InPrivate feature *always* and I have IE set to auto-delete cookies on closing. Even with these custom settings, something always bothered me about IE. If I open a window and log into gmail and then open a second window to view a youtube video, why am I already logged in at youtube? I try to always view youtube without logging in so google has a more difficult time building an advertising profile about me. So I find myself closing IE a lot and then starting it up again to make sure I’m logged out. Or I open the youtube link in Firefox just to make sure the Firefox session data isn’t shared with the IE session data. Does that make me paranoid? Probably, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t out to track me. Well this was frustrating enough that I had to find a better solution. Turns out there is a simple workaround. Just set the following regkey:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain]


That’s it. Now every single new IE window will run its own session so you won’t be auto-logged into various websites automatically. If you open a link in a new tab, then that tab shares the same session and will auto-log you in just like normal so you have some flexibility here. You can also do all this by running iexplorer.exe -nomerge or use the File menu in IE to open a “new session”, but you have to remember to do that each and every time. The regkey modification is much easier and I think this should be the default: any tabs inside the same window container should be part of the same session and any separate windows should be in separate sessions by default. I’m not sure how the session data is shared when tabs are merged and separated into different window containers. They probably keep whatever session data they started with, but I’ll have to test that.



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